Since our inception 3 years ago, team lunches have been a part of our culture. The entire team sitting together to eat, laugh, and reflect on the hard work in the bygone week needs a point of celebration which has now become a mandate on our unwritten HR policy. It is as a part of our conversation on one such occasion that our latest pièce de résistance was created.

On this particular Friday, authentic Maharashtrian cuisine restaurant was the choice of the majority and so we zeroed in on it.

Like every other time, we had a good time chatting, goofing around and relishing the sumptuous food. It is deeply ingrained in our DNA to be constantly on the lookout for inspiration for new and unique flavours. When we were done with our meal, the waiter came to us and asked if we’d like to have some ice-creams. Some of us ordered the usual Vanilla, Strawberry , and Chocolate.

Milind, however, stated he wanted the Maharashtrian food taste lingering and so would not order any random ice-cream. That’s when the waiter asked “ Sol Kadhi?”

It was a nice touch at the end of the meal. The flavour is unlike anything that you get as an option for a dessert.

Bingo! And, that was the start of something extraordinary. Later in the evening we had lengthy conversations and discussed our newly found muse. A new challenge was up and we all agreed that we had to make it work. Having experimented earlier on various other recipes, we had learned how to manage the base when there is a sour ingredient involved; so we managed to skip some steps and put our past learning to use.


Our chef worked her magic. Three attempts and a day later, we found our latest scoop of ecstasy. The coastal staple is now officially an ice cream flavour. Everyone in the office was asked to review it; any guests to our office that day became guinea pigs too. The first-timers’ reactions were worth all the effort that went into the development.

It made us so incredibly proud to be the pioneers in the space yet again.

We were very eager to launch it. However, something as unique as this needs a reason to be celebrated and announced to the world. So, we have waited for over 5 months to find the right platform to launch this, till we finally got introduced to our incredible partner, Mahesh Lunch Home.

Served with a large rice fryum and a drizzle of Kokum sauce, it is ready to tantalize your taste buds. Available across all four of Mahesh Lunch Home outlets in Mumbai, this custom gourmet product is simply a cannot miss addition to Mumbai’s culinary landscape.

You can find Icestacy Sol Kadhi Ice cream at the following restaurants:

  1. Mahesh Lunch Home (Fort)
    Ground Floor, Life Insurance Building, 8-B,
    Cawasji Patel Rd., Near Mumbai Fort, Mumbai
  2. Mahesh Lunch Home (Juhu)
    Next to J.W. Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai
  3. Mahesh Lunch Home (Saki Naka)
    Andheri-Kurla Road, Saki Naka, Mumbai
  4. Mahesh Lunch Home (Vashi)
    Platinum Techno Park, Sector 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

While you take a picture for Instagram make sure to quiz your friends on the flavour. We’re sure they’d be shocked when you tell them what it is!