Oriental Odyssey

Red Chilli Bite

Think chilli, sweet and coldness. Or just try this flavour instead. Every chilli lover would appreciate it. It is the perfect balance of sweet fruitiness and a spicy bite.

Black Sesame

Relatively unexplored as an ice cream flavour in India. Icestasy recreates the common South East Asian ingredient with finesse. It’s perfect to accompany a pan Asian menu.

Thai Salad

Scores 20 on 10 on the inventiveness scale. Raw mangoes, raw papayas, crushed peanuts, red chillies – all the ingredients of a fresh Thai salad are evident in this flavour. No apologies for giving your salad a high-calorie count!

Caramelised Ginger

We took the road less travelled – the one beyond ginger cookies and gingerbread – and arrived at a delectable dessert. This flavour proves the value of ginger to the dessert world.