Icestasy’s products are, simply put, products of ecstasy. We say this not as custodians of the creations but based on the reactions our ice-creams incite from any and every body.

The distinctive elements of Icestasy’s products include a creamier texture, a fuller mouthfeel and robust flavours. As creators of Uniquely Crafted Gourmet Ice-creams, we go to the heart of every culinary element we encounter – trend, dish or culture. We dive into its DNA, extract the essence and express it in our own language of ice-creams. While all our flavours don’t have to appeal to all, any person will cosy up to at least one Icestasy flavour that he or she prefers to any other ice cream in the world. We believe that subtlety in flavour is for the faint-hearted.

Icestasy introduces the Indian market to quirky food trends from across the world

Icestasy sources the most exotic ingredients from the remotest corners of the globe.

Icestasy celebrates tradition
by recreating it

Icestasy also creates ice-creams that are the very definition of fruit overload