Fresh off the Farm

Chikoo (Sapota)

Delicately grainy but velvety, sweet to the real nature of the fleshy fruit itself.


A major favourite. The taste of Guava fruit is distinct in every bite as the pulp of original fruit is used. Best served with a sprinkling of red chilli powder.


Not for no reason is this fruit the king of summer. The richest mango flavours are all at your disposal in this ice-cream flavour. Impossible to resist for any mango maniac.


That unmistakeable tanginess that sets the tongue on edge. The sweetness is just right and offset by the tartness of fresh jamun berries that go into this ice-cream.


Made with freshly sourced strawberries, the ice-cream pays homage to the fruit in its natural form – sans artificial colours, preserved pulps or sweetening agents.


Stays wholly true to the strong taste and flavour of real jackfruit. Has major appeal and endearing factors to jackfruit lovers, who are a class apart themselves.


Figs that are precisely processed make this rich ice-cream flavour. The softness of the cream base and the crunchiness of the fig seeds make it a delightful experience.

Dates & Almonds

Sounds festive, tastes like an extravaganza. Deliciously flavoured to combine to strengths of both ingredients. Sweet, creamy and buttery, with that occasional crunchy delight.


One of India’s most loved and most complex fruits. Loved for its mild grainy texture, distinct sweetness that has hints of custardiness. The complexities are resolved inhouse, with fruits being deseeded in our labs.


Another creamy yet granular Indian fruit. Called Bullocks Heart, the fruit is always mildly sweet and pleasant to taste.