Crème de la Crème

A signature Icestasy category, Crème de la Crème implies sheer indulgence in terms of flavours and ingredients. Think sheer luxury in every scoop, extravagance in every step.

Ingredients in this category are of the best quality, imported from the most premier global providers. The ice-creams have no flavouring or colouring substances added to them.

Fresh off the Farm

A bouquet of fruit flavours are offered in this category. This spans fresh Indian-origin fruits and includes some that have not been seen in ice-cream forms anywhere else. All fresh fruits are processed in house. This ensures a preservation of taste, quality and hygiene at every step.

Traditional Surprise

We have grown up on a retinue of traditional Indian sweets that bookmark every festival in India. The Traditional Surprise category is Icestasy’s take on the celebratory aspect of Indian gourmet experiences. In ice-cream forms, these flavours are developed to present our culture to the world at large as well as to give it versatility at home.

Oriental Odyssey

Specific to popular Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian and more such Asian flavours. This category is created with an intention to create cuisine-specific dessert options.

Wild & Wacky

We thought the unthinkable. We imagined the unimaginable. And this category was born. It was born to surprise and to shock, raise eyebrows and contort the tongue. Sheer pleasure and solid satisfaction.

World Flavours

Flavours loved across the earth, all for different reasons. They’re classics for some, childhood favourites for the other and eternally appealing after a good meal.


It’s all about the highest quality of chocolate that has a richness of cocoa butter. Our couverture category has unmatched flavours that have bought loyal fans time and time again.