Crème de la Crème

Mauritian Vanilla Beans

Icestasy stands head and shoulders above by using only pure Mauritian Vanilla Beans in this exquisite ice-cream. We do not use essences, flavours or colours of any nature. The taste of natural vanilla – the second most expensive spice in the world – makes itself evident in this ice cream and gives it its vaulted status over any other eponymous flavour in the market.

Japanese Matcha

Refined to the point of royalty. Our Japanese Matcha ice-cream does justice to the legacy of the ingredients it uses. Finely ground powder of the best green tea leaves is the flavour that dominates the palate here.

Turkish Hazelnut

Made from imported hazelnuts, procured from the same source that supplies to esteemed chocolatiers in Italy & Belgium.. The ice-cream makes for a true taste of luxury, enough to create an unforgettable culinary indulgence every time, for anyone who has a penchant for hazelnuts.

Avocado & Honey

We source seasonally available Hass Avocados from New Zealand to create this Avocado and Honey ice-cream. When not in season, we procure its equivalent from Peru. Playing true to the exotic butter fruit, the ice-cream combines it with the finest real honey to make for a velvety and rich taste.

Pistacia Vera

Premium quality pistachios are used to create this nutty flavour. It lends itself to Indian and Arabic flavours like a charm.

Ultimate Luxe Chocolate

Far opposed to the concept of death by chocolate. This is all about coming to life with the highest grade of Alpine Chocolates. Unadulterated pleasure is guaranteed for choco-philes.