Our Story

Ice-creams were and still are a sector largely untouched by the innovations happening in the rest of the culinary world. With the inception of Icestasy, we identified an opportunity to fill that niche.

The first quirky ice cream flavour Icestasy made and sampled to friends was the Garam Masala flavour. The response – a mixture of shock, awe and admiration – convinced us that we were on to something. Since then, we never looked back and ensured that we never left our grip on that quirky streak.

After supplying to several standalone eateries and clubs in Mumbai, we now serve leading gourmet restaurant chains across India.

We have managed to create a bank of over 200 flavours, which are waiting for the right opportunity to be launched. Our team engages in flavour exploration and experimentation, pushing the possibilities of uniquely crafted gourmet ice creams, one scoop at a time.

Icestasy Projects prides in its culinary revolution of sorts. We set out with our sights firmly set on doing the different, making what can be imagined a sweet reality. Our story is dotted with steady achievements, of rendering a dream into a dollop.